The 2024 Color Trends

Color trends are a category that never fails to be highly anticipated and fervently discussed as we look toward every new year. We largely have well-researched color of the year announcements to thank for that as they embody our collective values and set the tone for what’s to come. For 2024, many companies have already named their colors, and experts are weighing in. Ahead, explore the major themes and colors that are expected to take over. From bold hues as neutrals to soothing blues, 2024 color trends are sure to inspire a home refresh and a mental reset.

If you’re itching to dig into more trend predictions for 2024, make sure to also look at the interior design trends for 2024 as well as living room and kitchen trends for the new year. Trend fanatics may also have fun comparing the color trends for 2024 with those that were forecasted for 2023.

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